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In conjunction with our new BCS theme anthology Ceaseless West: Weird Western Stories from Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and its special early release at, we’re having a BCS ebook sale at Weightless Books!

Buy Ceaseless West at Weightless Books and you’ll get a free ebook of our other BCS theme anthology, Ceaseless Steam: Steampunk Stories from BCS, and a coupon for 30% off all BCS anthologies and BCS ebook subscriptions.

Those other BCS anthologies eligible for this 30% off include all our Best of BCS annual anthologies, such as The Best of BCS, Year Five, featuring Richard Parks, Gemma Files, and Gregory Norman Bossert’s World Fantasy Award-winning story “The Telling.”

BCS ebook subscriptions eligible for this 30% off include not only new subscriptions but also existing subscribers renewing or extending your subscription, regardless of when it ends. Subscribers can get issues delivered directly to their Kindle, smart phone, or tablet (any device with an email address), and they get new issues early, a week before the website.

So buy a copy of Ceaseless West at Weightless Books to get your free ebook of Ceaseless Steam and the coupon for 30% off BCS anthologies and subscriptions. All proceeds go to pay BCS authors and artists, so it’s a great way to support BCS and get some awe-inspiring fiction too!

But hurry; this sale ends Tues. May 5!

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