No Sweeter Art,” Tony Pi’s story from BCS #155 and podcast BCS 133 of a character who wields a unique magic system that lets him inhabit candy figurines he glass-blows from caramel, struggling through personal failings and assassination conspiracies, has been named a finalist for the 2015 Aurora Awards.

The Aurora Awards are given to the best works and activities done by Canadians. Along with “No Sweeter Art” in the category Best Short Fiction – English, Tony (“The Curse of Chimère” in BCS #53;“Silk and Shadow” in BCS #11) also has a piece named finalist in Best Poem/Song – English.

Alongside Tony, fellow BCS author Helen Marshall (“Crossroads and Gateways” in BCS #151) has a piece named finalist in Best Poem/Song – English and, for Best Related Work – English, her short story collection Gifts for the One Who Comes After, which includes “Crossroads and Gateways.”


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