BCS returns to ReaderCon, in north Boston, again in 2015!

I am on two panels during the con, discussing magazines and secondary-world settings:

Friday, 2:00 PM: The Future of Speculative Magazines, Part 3, also including Leah Bobet of Ideomancer, Neil Clarke of Clarkesworld, and Ellen Datlow of countless countless anthologies. “At Readercon 20, there were two panels that looked at the future of magazines: Part 1: Print Magazines, and Part 2: Online Magazines. Six years later, we return to this issue to discover what worked, what didn’t, and what the near future might hold.”

Saturday, 12:00 PM: Our Panel of Experts..., also including BCS author Gwendolyn Clare (“Butterfly House” in BCS #157 and podcast BCS 137) and Bud Sparhawk. “Having trouble creating your world? Are there social complexities or changes in scientific laws that are confounding you? Bring your very specific questions about worldbuilding in your current project, and polymath scientists will do their best to answer.”

Lots of BCS authors are also scheduled to be present, including James Morrow, Gemma Files, John E.O. Stevens, Michael J. DeLuca, and Alex Dally MacFarlane.

I’ll have flyers featuring cover art by Juan Carlos Barquet and Jonas de Ro and Raphael Lacoste and postcards for Best of BCS Year Five and our new Weird Western anthology Ceaseless West. Feel free to drop by either panel or stop me in the halls!

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