BCS #177 is out, featuring two stories of the aftermath and the familial cost of war.

Caroline M. Yoachim (“The Land of Empty Shells” in BCS #20) returns to BCS with “Seasons Set in Skin,” a tale of the aftermath of war and motherhood and otherworldly tattoos. Kate Marshall offers “Stone Prayers,” another tale of the aftermath of war and motherhood.

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast is BCS 154: Court Bindings by Karalynn Lee, her a short and lyrical piece about court intrigue and personal power from BCS #176. It’s guest-narrated by M.K. Hobson, a writer and prolific podcast narrator.

Accompanying them From the Archives with BCS #177 is “Our Fire, Given Freely” by Seth Dickinson, from BCS #145, a tale of war and its relationships, not unlike “Seasons Set in Skin” or “Stone Prayers.”All behind another crop of our new cover art: “Migration,” by Hugo Award-winning artist Julie Dillon.

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