BCS #177 and #178 were reviewed last week by Locus online reviewer Lois Tilton, including one story lauded with her rare “Recommended” rating.

From BCS #177, she praised “Stone Prayers” by Kate Marshall, also available as podcast BCS 155, for its “secondary world where there are myriads of languages, all with multiple words designating subtle distinctions that speakers ignore at their peril... (T)hese details work to enrich the world and the character, who comes alive in all her individual complexity. Recommended.

From BCS #178, of “The Scale-Tree” by Raphael Ordoñez, she enjoyed “the well-imagined cosmology behind this world, and the views of Zeuxis on the artist’s life.” And she described the events of “The Insurrectionist and the Empress Who Reigns Over Time” by Benjanun Sriduangkaew as “an imprisonment that is clearly a slow seduction as much as a subduing but must also be seen as a courtship... done in mannered, lightly ornamented prose.”

Congratulations, all!

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