BCS #188 is out today, featuring one returning BCS author and one new one, new cover art, and a From the Archives story.

Nick Scorza (“The Language of True Things” in BCS #115) returns to BCS with “Eyes Beyond the Fire,” a shipboard tale of a strange voyage and a hero with past baggage facing a call to courage.  John Wheeler offers “The Rest Will Blur Together,” a tale of another hero with past baggage facing an ethical quandry.

The From the Archives story with BCS #188 is “The Drowned Man” by Laura E. Price, from BCS #120, a shipboard tale of intrigue not unlike “Eyes Beyond the Fire.” 

All behind new cover art for the winter season of our Northern Hemisphere readers: “Huashan Temple” by Xiao Ran.

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast is on a brief hiatus. In the meantime, peruse our episodes from 2015 and 2014, including BCS 150: The Punctuality Machine, Or, A Steampunk Libretto by Bill Powell, a special large-cast reading featuring multiple guest narrators, and BCS 133: No Sweeter Art by Tony Pi, guest-narrated by John Meagher, which was recently named a finalist for the Parsec Awards.

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