BCS #191 is out today, featuring two dark stories of seeking, a guest-narrated podcast, and a dark story From the Archives.

Chaz Brenchley offers “In Skander, for a Boy,” a tale of a gritty foreign city and a mandate from the past. D.K. Thompson pens a new story in his Saint Darwin series, “Blessed are Those Who Have Seen and Do Not Believe,” about life and legacy amid a paranormal theology.

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast episode is BCS 165: Blessed are Those Who Have Seen and Do Not Believe, the D.K. Thompson story. It’s guest-narrated by Ian Stuart, a veteran SF/F short fiction podcast narrator who brings a vivid depth to the story’s setting.

The From the Archives story with BCS #191 is “To the Gods of Time and Engines, a Gift” by Dean Wells, from BCS #80 and podcast BCS 071, a story of personal journey and paranormal theology not unlike “Blessed are Those Who Have Seen and Do Not Believe.”

Next issue:  the 400th story to appear in BCS!

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