Grandmother-nai-Leylit’s Cloth of Winds” by Rose Lemberg, from BCS #175, a tale set in her enveloping and socially complex Birdverse world, is a finalist for the Nebula Award for Novelette.

Congratulations! “Grandmother-nai-Leylit’s Cloth of Winds” is a great story of character-centered, secondary-world fantasy; characters moving through a world very different than our own yet in ways that are very human.

Rose’s novelettes set in this Bridverse world have appeared two other times in BCS, including “Geometries of Belonging” in BCS #183, our Seventh Anniversary Double-Issue, and “Held Close in Syllables of Light” in BCS #80.

Other Nebula finalists for work in other venues include multiple BCS authors:

Along with Tina Connolly (“One Ear Back” in BCS #97 and podcast BCS 084, among several others) and Fran Wilde named finalists for the Andre Norton Award for YA SF/F.

Congratulations to them and all the other finalists!

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