BCS #194 is out, a special double-issue kicking off BCS Science-Fantasy Month 3!

Yoon Ha Lee (“Two to Leave” in BCS 174 & podcast BCS 151, “The Pirate Captain’s Daughter” in BCS #27 & podcast BCS 025, among many others) returns to BCS with “Foxfire, Foxfire,” a story that blends fantastical shape-changing fox spirits with futuristic mechanical walking tanks.

(Yoon’s science-fantasy stories have appeared in BCS before: “The Bonedrake’s Penance” in BCS Science-Fantasy Month 2 in 2014 and “The Book of Locked Doors” in BCS Science-Fantasy Month 1 in 2012.)

Returning BCS author Cat Rambo (“Primaflora’s Journey” in BCS #170, “Rappaccini’s Crow” in BCS #151, among others) offers “Call and Answer, Plant and Harvest,” a tale of a chaos mage navigating chancy contests and feats.  Anaea Lay follows travels both interstellar and intramental in “The Right Bright Courier.”

Call and Answer, Plant and Harvest” releases on the website next Thursday, in text and as a bonus podcast episode BCS 169 guest-narrated by M.K. Hobson. The full issue is available now on ebook at Kindle and Weightless Books.

The first BCS Audio Fiction Podcast episode with BCS #194 is BCS 168: Foxfire, Foxfire, the Yoon Ha Lee story of fox-spirits and mechanical tanks. It’s guest-narrated by Michael J. DeLuca, BCS author and narrator of past podcast episodes including BCS 153: The Girl with Golden Hair” by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam and BCS 123: Sekhmet Hunts the Dying Gnosis: A Computation by Seth Dickinson, from BCS Science-Fantasy Month 2.

Also releasing next Thursday is a new episode of the BCS Audio Vault podcast: Yoon Ha Lee introducing the podcast of his story “The Book of Locked Doors” from our Science-Fantasy Month 1.

The ‘From the Archives’ story with BCS #194 is Scry” by Anne Ivy from BCS #90 in BCS Science-Fantasy Month 1, a tale of family relationships and the fate and free will of seeing their future. The special science-fantasy cover art is the futuristic yet bleak “Research Lab” by Sung Choi.

BCS Science-Fantasy Month 3 will continue next week, with the website release of the bonus story, bonus podcast, and BCS Audio Vault podcast, and in two weeks with BCS #195, featuring Aliette de Bodard (whose story “The Breath of War,” from BCS Science-Fantasy Month 2 and podcast BCS 121, was a Nebula Award finalist), Jason Sanford, and Sarah Pinsker!

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