BCS will be at Balticon 50 this weekend! It’s a special huge Balticon in honor of their 50th, with returning Guests of Honor from past years. And BCS #200 will have just released on the website the day before.

I will be on several panels:

Starting Your Own Small Press–Friday 17:00 Parlor 8059: Learn some of the things you should be aware of before you take that plunge into the publishing mogul pool.

Podcasting on the Cheap–Sunday 14:00, Parlor 9029: Come and learn the best tricks to podcast on the cheap with the ability to expand as your podcast grows.

Music in Fiction–Mon 12:00, Parlor 9059: From George RR Martin’s Armageddon Rag to Elizabeth Hand’s Wylding Hall, SF writers love to write about music. Is writing about music like dancing about architecture?

I will also have a stack of shiny BCS flyers from BCS #200! And BCS anthology postcards. If you see me in the halls or the bar, feel free to say hello!

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