BCS returns to ReaderCon in 2016, this year in a new location in south Boston!

I am on two panels during the con, discussing a classic Weird Westerns element and secondary-world settings:

Friday, 11:00 AM: Cowboys of Space. Ways in which SF and Fantasy perpetuate a cowboy mythology—a mythology of violent heroes, with a legacy of exploitation, vigilantism and brutality... The true histories of cowboys in the American West are far more complex and colorful than many movies and paperback westerns would have us believe. How can we draw on real history to subvert and dismantle cowboy spaceman clichés?

Saturday, 12:00 PM: Engineering in Fantasy, which also includes BCS author Fran Wilde (“Bent the Wing, Dark the Cloud” in BCS #181 and podcast BCS 157: Bent the Wing, Dark the Cloud). From wings and kites to bridges and plumbing, engineering is a necessary underpinning of fantasy and science fiction both. Panelists will discuss why engineering makes for great crossover science in fiction.

Lots of BCS authors are also scheduled to be present, including James Morrow, Gemma Files, Matthew Kressel, Justin Howe, Michael J. DeLuca, Kenneth Schneyer, Mike Allen, and Alex Dally MacFarlane.

I’ll have flyers featuring cover art by Juan Carlos Barquet and Jonas de Ro and Raphael Lacoste and postcards for Best of BCS Year Six and our Weird Western anthology Ceaseless West. Feel free to drop by either panel or stop me in the halls!

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