This weekend BCS will be at MidAmericon II, the 74th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), in Kansas City!

I am on two panels, including one about magazines:

Navigating Online Calls for Writing, Fri 11:00, 3501D (KCCC). How to navigate the minefield of calls for writing online.

Writing The Near Future, Fri 16:00, 2206 (KCCC). What are some of the specific challenges associated with writing about the day after tomorrow?

I’ll also be at the Hugo reception and ceremony, and I’m planning on the Hugo Losers’ Party. :) (It’s an honor just to be nominated!)

I’ll have flyers featuring cover art by Juan Carlos Barquet and Martin Ende, from BCS #200, and postcards for the not-even-announced-yet anthology Best of BCS Year Seven. Feel free to drop by any of the panels or catch me at the bar!

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