BCS will be at World Fantasy Convention 2016 in Columbus OH this weekend.

I’m on a panel Saturday at noon:

Sword and Sorcery Today: Still Slashing Away. James Moore (m), David Drake, Mercedes Lackey, S.M. Stirling, Scott Andrews

I’ll be bringing to the discussion ideas about broader S&S, not only in terms of diversity of characters, authors, and settings but also in terms of literary elements and wildly unexpected takes. I’ll also be at the opening ceremonies honoring the World Fantasy Award nominees and the award ceremony on Sunday, as a finalist for the World Fantasy Award this year.

I will have a stack of shiny BCS flyers and new postcards of the cover of Best of BCS Year Seven. Feel free to say hello, if you see me in the halls or in the bar. I’m always delighted to meet authors, podcast listeners, and readers.

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