BCS #212 is out today, featuring one returning BCS author with a story set in that world and one new one.

Stephen Case (“The Wizard’s House” in BCS #166, “The Unborn God” in BCS #150, among others) returns to BCS with “The Aeroliths,” a tale set in the same world and featuring some of the same characters as the two above. 

Evan Dicken offers “The Uncarved Heart,” a tale of subjugation and childhood companions’ struggle with rebellion.

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast episode is BCS 186: The Uncarved Heart, the Evan Dicken story of rebellion. It’s guest-narrated by Folly Blaine, who has narrated multiple past BCS Audio Fiction Podcast episodes including BCS 157: Bent the Wing, Dark the Cloud by Fran Wilde and BCS 146: Sun, Stone, Spear by Carrie Vaughn. 

The From the Archives story with BCS #212 is “Serkers and Sleep” by Kenneth Schneyer, from BCS #96, a tale of childhood companionship and struggle not unlike “The Uncarved Heart.”

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