BCS #220 is out, featuring stories about past war actions and their ramifications in the present, a guest-narrated podcast, new cover art, and a giveaway for a signed short fiction collection.

Sara Saab pens “Suddenwall,” a story of two veterans, pasts entwined, living in a city that extrudes the guilty.

Kurt Hunt offers “Ghosts of Amarana,” a tale of a veteran liberated from confinement physical and mental but facing new decisions with difficult echos of his past ones.

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast episode is  BCS 191: Suddenwall, the Sara Saab story of war veterans and their pasts. It’s guest-narrated by Tina Connolly, narrator of a dozen past BCS podcasts including BCS 177: Shadow’s Weave by Yoon Ha Lee, BCS 170: A Salvaging of Ghosts by Aliette de Bodard, and the Parsec Award finalist BCS 150: The Punctuality Machine, Or, A Steampunk Libretto by Bill Powell.

We’re also giving away a signed copy of Tina’s new short fiction collection On the Eyeball Floor and Other Stories, in this giveaway post here on the BCS website. Do you have a favorite BCS podcast episode that Tina narrated? Tell us, and you could win!

The From the Archives story with BCS #220 is “Murder Goes Hungry” by Margaret Ronald from BCS #182, a fantasy mystery involving war veterans who have healed somewhat and others who have not.

All behind new cover art for early spring in the Northern Hemisphere: “Pillars of the Gods” by Ward Lindhout.

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