The 2016 Aurealis Awards, recognizing the best in Australian speculative fiction, included other works by a number of BCS authors named finalists and winner. Congratulations to:

  • Jason Fischer (“Defy the Grey Kings” in BCS #180): Finalist, BEST FANTASY NOVELLA
  • Ian McHugh (“Demons Enough” in BCS #185, “Cold, Cold War” in BCS #123, among others): Finalist, BEST SCIENCE FICTION SHORT STORY 

  • Alan Baxter: Finalist, BEST COLLECTION 

Past BCS authors and stories recognized by the Aurealis Awards include “Defy the Grey Kings” by Jason Fischer from BCS #180, winner of Best Fantasy Novella last year, “Father’s Kill” by Christopher Green, from BCS #24 and podcast BCS 022, winner of Best Fantasy Short Story in 2009. Multiple-time BCS author Ian McHugh has had several pieces named finalist, including “Cold, Cold War” from BCS #123.

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