Two BCS stories were named finalists for the Washington Science-Fiction Association Small Press Award, given annually at their convention, Capclave:

Congratulations! A BCS story has been a finalist for the WSFA Small Press Award before–“The Pirate Captain’s Daughter,” also by Yoon Ha Lee, from BCS #27 and podcast BCS 025.

Also named finalists for stories appearing in other venues were BCS authors Margaret Ronald (“The Governess and the Lobster” in BCS #95, “Salvage” in BCS #77, among many others, and a new story forthcoming later in 2017) and Fran Wilde (“Bent the Wing, Dark the Cloud” in BCS #181 and podcast BCS 157; “The Topaz Marquise” in BCS #152 and podast BCS 131). Congratulations to them as well!

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