BCS #241 is out today, featuring two returning BCS authors with tales of family and duty.

Grace Seybold (“Gravity’s Exile” in BCS #219, “A Place to Stand” in BCS #89 and podcast BCS 079, “Unrest” in BCS #12 and podcast BCS 012) returns to BCS with “Trette’s Bones,” in which a young woman considers a sacrifice for her family and village.

Dana Beehr (“Dreams of Peace” in BCS #122) offers “Forever Night,” following a young man on a mission that may not be what he was told it was.

From the Archives with BCS #241 is “The Grace of Turning Back” by Therese Arkenberg, from BCS #179, the third in a series of stories, following “For Lost Time” in BCS #165 and “The Storms in Arisbat” in BCS #110, not unlike offers “Forever Night.”

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast is on a brief hiatus. In the meantime, peruse our episodes from earlier this year, including BCS 205: Every Black Tree by Natalia Theodoridou, narrated by M.K. Hobson, BCS 203: On the Road to the Hell of Hungry Ghosts by Richard Parks, narrated by Folly Blaine, and our five-hour audio novella BCS 200: A Portrait of the Desert in Personages of Power, narrated by podcast and audiobook narrator, writer, and poet C.S.E. Cooney.

All behind a new crop of our cover art for winter in the Northern Hemisphere: “Fortress” by Dimitrije Miljus.

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