BCS #243 is out today, featuring stories of featuring stories of remembrance and its reach into the present.

Nin Harris offers “Benefactors of Silence,” a tale of music and the connections of a war survivor to the other side.

Walter Dinjos (“The Mama Mmiri” in BCS #190 and podcast BCS 164) returns to BCS with “Nneamaka’s Ghost,” in which a young man faces an insistent obligation.

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast episode is BCS 209: Benefactors of Silence, the Nin Harris tale of music and a war survivor facing her her identity and role.

From the Archives with BCS #243 is “By Appointment to the Throne” by Alter S. Reiss, from BCS #155, a story of a survivor of war not unlike “Benefactors of Silence,” but focused on the art of food rather than the art of music.

All behind a new crop of our cover art for winter in the Northern Hemisphere: “Fortress” by Dimitrije Miljus.

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