BCS #247 is out, featuring stories of remembrance through different aspects of culture.

Siobhan Carroll (“The Year of Silent Birds” in BCS #138, “In the Gardens of the Night” in BCS #74) returns to BCS with “The War of Light and Shadow, in Five Dishes,” a story of the course of a war and its participants and remembrance via cuisine.

J.W. Alden offers “Braving the Morrow Candle’s Wane,” where the remembrance takes the form of faith and kindness.

The BCS Audio Fiction Podcast episode is BCS 213: Braving the Morrow Candle’s Wane, the Alden story of kindness and faith and the hope that they can conquer a small part of the war.

From the Archives with BCS #247 is “By Appointment to the Throne” by Alter S. Reiss, from BCS #155, a story similarly of remembrance and culture via a vivid fantasy cuisine and the people who craft it.

All behind new cover art for early spring in the Northern Hemisphere: “Island Outpost” by Stephan Meisl, the artist of “Ruins,” our cover art from winter 2012.

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