Nominations for the 2018 World Fantasy Awards close next week, Thursday May 31. The WFAs are a juried award, but two of the five finalists in each category are chosen by open nominations. In the past three years, BCS has been a finalist for seven WFAs and won the 2013 WFA for Short Fiction.

For readers interested in nominating, here are details on how to do it, links to several of our best-reviewed stories of the year, and a full list of all eligible BCS stories and which World Fantasy Award category they fit in. (WFA short fiction categories are different than those for Hugos & Nebulas.)

Are You Eligible to Nominate?
If you were a member of World Fantasy Con last year (2017, San Antonio TX) or the year before (2016, Columbus OH) or are a member this year (2018, Baltimore MD), you are eligible to nominate.

Deadline to Nominate:
Voting closes MAY 31, 2018.

How to Nominate:
The WF Nominations page of the WFC 2018 website has a link to a PDF ballot that can be submitted by paper mail or by email to

Unlike in past years, no email ballot seems to have been emailed to attendees of recent World Fantasy conventions.

What BCS Stories are Eligible:
Everything published in 2017, which is BCS #216 through BCS #241, inclusive.

Here are a few of our best-reviewed stories of 2017 and which WFA category they fit in. For a list of all eligible BCS stories and their categories, see the bottom of this post.

Short Fiction (pieces up to 10,000 words):

Carnival Nine,” Caroline M. Yoachim (BCS #225) (Nebula Award finalist, Hugo Award finalist)

Every Black Tree,” Natalia Theodoridou (BCS #236)

Suddenwall,” Sara Saab (BCS #220)


Novella (pieces longer than 10,000 words):

A Portrait of the Desert in Personages of Power,” Rose Lemberg (BCS #229 & #230)

For more information on the WFA categories, see this old WFC page. If you’re interested in other eligible short fiction, we recommend our authors’ stories in other magazines, like the ones listed in our BCS Authors Elsewhere posts.

Thanks very much for considering our stories!


All World Fantasy Award-Eligible Stories from BCS

This is the full list of all BCS stories that are eligible for the World Fantasy Awards, and what WFA category they fit in (WFA short fiction categories are different than those for Hugos & Nebulas).

Short Fiction (up to 10,000 words):

Low Bridge! Or The Dark Obstructions,” M. Bennardo (BCS #240)

The Mouth of the Oyster,” Adam-Troy Castro & Alvaro Zinos-Amaro (BCS #239)

Woe and Other Remedies,” Michael Anthony Ashley (BCS #239)

The Şiret Mask,” Marie Brennan (BCS #238) (2017 Locus Recommended Reading List)


His Wife and Serpent Mistress,” Gillian Daniels (BCS #238)

The Influence of the Iron Range,” Marissa Lingen (BCS #237)

Forgive Us Our Trespasses,” Bennett North (BCS #237)

Every Black Tree,” Natalia Theodoridou (BCS #236)


On the Road to the Hell of Hungry Ghosts,” Richard Parks (BCS #235) (2017 Locus Recommended Reading List)

The Fisherman and the Pig,” Kameron Hurley (BCS #235) (first published by the author as a Patreon reward, Jan. 2017)

The Fall of the Mundaneum,” Rebecca Campbell (BCS #235)

Dire Wolf,” Michael J. DeLuca (BCS #234)


Corpus Grace,” William Broom (BCS #234)

Across Pack Ice, a Fire,” Marissa Lingen (BCS #233)

Gallows Girl,” Mel Kassel (BCS #233)

Red Bark and Ambergris,” Kate Marshall (BCS #232)


No Pearls as Blue as These,” Benjanun Sriduangkaew (BCS #232)

The Broken Karwaneer,” Jeremy A. TeGrotenhuis (BCS #231)

Rivers Run Free,” Charles Payseur (BCS #230)

Of Letters They Are Made,” Jonathan Edelstein (BCS #228)


A Late Quintessence,” Justin Howe (BCS #228)

After Burning,” Wren Wallis (BCS #227)

Two Bodies in Basting Stitch,” Allison Jamieson-Lucy (BCS #227)

In Memory of Jianhong, Snake-Devil,” Richard Parks (BCS #226) (2017 Locus Recommended Reading List)


Whatever Knight Comes,” Ryan Row (BCS #226)

Carnival Nine,” Caroline M. Yoachim (BCS #225) (selected for Best SF&F of the Year) (2017 Locus Recommended Reading List)

A Place to Grow,” A.T. Greenblatt (BCS #225)

That Lingering Sweetness,” Tony Pi (BCS #224)


A Marvelous Deal,” Kate Dollarhyde (BCS #224)

I Have Been Drowned in Rain,” Carrie Vaughn (BCS #223) (2017 Locus Recommended Reading List)

When We Go,” Evan Dicken (BCS #223)

The Shark God’s Child,” Jonathan Edelstein (BCS #222)


Nightshade,” J.W. Halicks (BCS #222)

In the Shade of the Pixie Tree,” Rodello Santos (BCS #221)

Crescendo,” J.S. Veter (BCS #221)

Suddenwall,” Sara Saab (BCS #220)


Ghosts of Amarana,” Kurt Hunt (BCS #220)

The Last Dinosaur Rider of Benessa County,” Jeremy Sim (BCS #219)

Out of the Woods,” Marissa Lingen (BCS #218)

Men of the Ashen Morrow,” Margaret Killjoy (BCS #218)


Proteus Lost,” Tony Pi (BCS #217)

Requiem for the Unchained,” Cae Hawksmoor (BCS #217)

Wooden Boxes Lined with the Tongues of Doves,” Claire Humphrey (BCS #216)

Think Of Winter,” Eleanna Castroianni (BCS #216)


Trette’s Bones,” Grace Seybold from BCS #241)

Forever Night,” Dana Beehr from BCS #241)

And the Village Breathes,” Emily B. Cataneo (BCS #236)

Grassland,” T. S. McAdams (BCS #235)


Ora et Labora,” Theodore McCombs (BCS #229)

Gravity’s Exile,” Grace Seybold (BCS #219)



The Wind’s Departure,” Stephen Case from BCS #240)

Deathspeaker,” Stephen Case (BCS #231)

A Portrait of the Desert in Personages of Power,” Rose Lemberg (BCS #229 & #230)


Thank you for considering our stories!

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