For BCS readers interested in nominating for this year’s awards, such as the Hugos or Nebulas, here’s a list of our eligible stories from 2018 and which awards category they fit in. Thank you for your interest in us and our stories!

What BCS Stories are Eligible:
Everything published in 2018, which is BCS #242 through BCS #267, inclusive.

Here are a couple of our best-reviewed pieces of 2018 and which category they fit in (short fiction categories for Hugos and Nebulas are the same). For a list of all eligible BCS stories and their categories, see the bottom of this post.

BCS itself is eligible for the Best Semiprozine Hugo.

Best Short Story:

The War of Light and Shadow, in Five Dishes,” Siobhan Carroll (BCS #247, 3/15/2018)

Ruby, Singing,” Fran Wilde (BCS #261, 9/27/2018) (also available as an audio mp3)


Best Novelette:

The Crow Knight,” Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (BCS #262, 10/11/2018)

The Sweetness of Honey and Rot,” A. Merc Rustad (BCS #254, 6/21/2018)


Best Novella:

The Emotionless, in Love,” Jason Sanford (246, 3/1/2018)

For information on 2019 Hugo nominating, which is now open, go to the Hugo Awards page on the Dublin 2019 Worldcon website. For information on Nebula nominating, see SFWA’s page about Nebula voting. For other eligible short fiction, we recommend our authors’ stories in other magazines, like the ones listed in our BCS Authors Elsewhere posts.


All Eligible Stories from BCS

Here is the full list of all BCS stories that are eligible for Hugo and Nebula nominations in 2019, and what official category they are in. Thanks very much for considering our authors and their fiction!

Best Short Story:

Forest Spirits,” Michael J. DeLuca (BCS #266, 12/06/18)

Frozen Meadow, Shining Sun,” Emily McCosh (BCS #266, 12/06/18)

Feral Attachments at Kulle Bland Bergen,” T. S. McAdams (BCS #265, 11/22/18)

How the Mighty,” Dan Micklethwaite (BCS #265, 11/22/18)


In the Ground, Before the Freeze,” Margaret Ronald (BCS #264, 11/08/18)

The Hollow Tree,” Jordan Kurella (BCS #264, 11/08/18)

The Oracle and the Sea,” Megan Arkenberg (BCS #263, 10/25/18)

The Bodice, The Hem, The Woman, Death,” Karen Osborne (BCS #263, 10/25/18)


Magic Potion Behind-the-Mountains,” Jaymee Goh (BCS #262, 10/11/18)

Ruby, Singing,” Fran Wilde (BCS #261, 09/27/18)

Ancestor Night,” Nina Kiriki Hoffman (BCS #260, 09/13/18)

It’s Easy to Shoot A Dog,” Maria Haskins (BCS #260, 09/13/18)


Periling Hand,” Justin Howe (BCS #259 08/30/18)

Shattered Hand,” Marc A. Criley (BCS #259 08/30/18)

A Legacy of Shadows,” Christopher M. Cevasco (BCS #257, 08/02/18)

Old No-Eyes,” Christopher Mahon (BCS #257, 08/02/18)


Flesh and Stone,” Kathryn Yelinek (BCS #256, 07/19/18)

Speak Easy, Suicide Selkies,” E. Catherine Tobler (BCS #255, 07/05/18)

The Scrimshander,” Damien Krsteski (BCS #255, 07/05/18)

The Weaver and the Snake,” Blaine Vitallo (BCS #253, 06/07/18)


The Wild Ride of the Untamed Stars,” A.J. Fitzwater (BCS #252, 05/24/18)

The Ghostpotion Games,” Christian K. Martinez (BCS #252, 05/24/18)

The Examination Cloth,” Jonathan Edelstein (BCS #251, 05/10/18)

The Root Cellar,” Maria Haskins (BCS #251, 05/10/18)


An Account of the Madness of the Magistrate, Chengdhu Village,” Richard Parks (BCS #250, 04/26/18)

Weft,” Rahul Kanakia (BCS #248, 04/12/18)

Fireskin,” Joanne Rixon (BCS #248, 04/12/18)

She Who Hungers, She Who Waits,” Cassandra Khaw (BCS #248, 03/29/18)


The War of Light and Shadow, in Five Dishes,” Siobhan Carroll (BCS #247, 03/15/18)

Braving the Morrow Candle’s Wane,” J.W. Alden (BCS #247, 03/15/18)

Gennesaret,” Phoenix Alexander (BCS #246, 03/01/18)

Penitents,” Rich Larson (BCS #245, 02/15/18)


Red Dreams,” R.Z. Held (BCS #245, 02/15/18)

Such Were the Faces of the Living Creatures,” Josh Pearce (BCS #245, 02/15/18)

The Starship and the Temple Cat,” Yoon Ha Lee (BCS #244, 02/01/18)

Where the Anchor Lies,” Benjamin C. Kinney (BCS #244, 02/01/18)


Benefactors of Silence,” Nin Harris (BCS #243, 01/ 18/18)

Nneamaka’s Ghost,” Walter Dinjos (BCS #243, 01/ 18/18)

Suite for Accompanied Cello,” Tamara Vardomskaya (BCS #242, 01/ 04/18)


Best Novelette:

A Martyr’s Art,” J.P. Sullivan (BCS #267, 12/20/18)

A Circle of Steel and Bone,” R.K. Duncan (BCS #267, 12/20/18)

The Tale of the Scout and the Pachydormu,” Gregory Norman Bossert (BCS #262, 10/11/18)

The Crow Knight,” Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (BCS #262, 10/11/18)


The Tragedy of Zayred the Splendid,” Grace Seybold (BCS #262, 10/11/18)

Court of Birth, Court of Strength,” Aliette de Bodard (BCS #261, 09/27/18)

Cold Ink,” Dean Wells (BCS #259 08/30/18)

The Wyvern Rider and Those of the Land,” Jeremy A. TeGrotenhuis (BCS #259 08/30/18)


Drawing The Barriers,” Tamara Vardomskaya (BCS #256, 07/19/18)

The Sweetness of Honey and Rot,” A. Merc Rustad (BCS #254, 06/21/18)

Three Dandelion Stars,” Jordan Kurella (BCS #254, 06/21/18)

A Tale of Woe,” P. Djèlí Clark (BCS #253, 06/07/18)


The Thought That Counts,” K.J. Parker (BCS #250, 04/26/18)

Silence in Blue Glass,” Margaret Ronald (BCS #250, 04/26/18)

Angry Kings,” Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (BCS #250, 04/26/18)

Cry of Desire in a Shrouded Land,” Emily McIntyre (BCS #248, 03/29/18)


Do As I Do, Sing As I Sing,” Sarah Pinsker (BCS #246, 03/01/18)

The Last Human Child,” Milo James Fowler (BCS #245, 02/15/18)

El is a Spaceship Melody,” Maurice Broaddus (BCS #244, 02/01/18)

An Aria for the Bloodlords,” Hannah Strom-Martin (BCS #242, 01/ 04/18)


Best Novella:

Shadowdrop,” Chris Willrich (BCS #261, 09/27/18)

We Ragged Few,” Kate Alice Marshall (BCS #261, 09/27/18)

The Emotionless, in Love,” Jason Sanford (BCS #246, 03/01/18)


Thanks very much for considering us and our stories!

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