The Starship and the Temple Cat” by Yoon Ha Lee, from BCS #244 , one of the three special issues for BCS Science-Fantasy Month 4 last February, is a finalist for the Sturgeon Award!

This award, in memoriam for legendary SF short fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon, is given every year for a great science fiction short story. Past winners include Kelly Link, Ted Chiang, and BCS author James Morrow (“Novel Excerpt: Galápagos Regained” in BCS #164 and podcast BCS 141).

Congratulations, Yoon! “The Starship and the Temple Cat” shows one end of the range of short fiction that BCS publishes: science fantasy, with worlds as awe-inspiring and fantastical as our fantasy but technology and cultures that feel futuristic rather than pre-technological.

Other finalists for the Sturgeon this year include BCS author P. Djèlí Clark (“A Tale of Woe,” BCS #253). Congratulations, all!

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