The BCS Patreon reached its first goal! Our monthly total in pledges from our supporters on Patreon passed $350 per month. That allows us to raise our pay rate for short fiction to 7 cents/word, which will happen on June 7.

BCS is on Patreon as part of our campaign to increase revenues so we can pay authors the higher pay rate of 8 cents/word. The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) raised their qualifying “pro” pay rate for short stories by 33% effective Sept. 1, to 8c/word. All writers deserve this higher pay, but we need a 33% increase in support from our readers and donors in order to pay it.

We’ve taken steps to help readers and donors support BCS to this main goal, including changing the price on BCS ebook subscriptions, new tiers of recognition for donors, and the BCS Patreon.

BCS on Patreon

We are delighted that we’re more than halfway to our goal! Thank you so much to all who have donated, bought or renewed a BCS ebook subscription, or supported us on Patreon.

If you would like to help get BCS the rest of the way to paying our authors this higher pay rate, please consider supporting us on the BCS Patreon or making a recurring donation via Paypal. Our parent company, Firkin Press, is a 501(c)3 non-profit approved by the IRS, so your donations through Patreon or Paypal are tax deductible.

$3 Monthly

$5 Monthly

$10 Monthly

Thank you!

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