WE DID IT! Or more accurately, YOU ALL did it.

The BCS Patreon yesterday reached our main goal of $700. This will enable us to pay the new higher SFWA-qualifying pay rate for stories, 8c/wd, when it starts on Sept. 1.

Thank you all so much!!! We literally could not have done it without all of you, who donated or commented or spread the word on social media. We are grateful for your support.

This doesn’t mean our fundraising campaign is finished. We still need the BCS Patreon to stay above $700 each month going forward, so we can keep paying the new rate. We’re also working on additional goals for the future, which would need reader support. So please continue to spread word of the BCS Patreon to any fantasy or short fiction readers you think might be interested in supporting us.

BCS on Patreon

Thank you all!!! We look forward to paying writers more and continuing to have their story sales to BCS qualify them to join SFWA if they choose. We could not be doing that without your support.

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