BCS author Christopher M. Cevasco‘s new historical fiction novel Beheld: Godiva’s Story releases from Lethe Press on Apr. 10, and in celebration, BCS is giving away a signed copy.

Beheld: Godiva’s Story is a historical fiction novel of the real Lady Godiva in 11th-century England, following her and her earl husband and a Benedictine novice as their lives become entangled in a web of ambition, voyeuristic lust, and horrid obsession, leading to her legendary ride.

This giveaway for a signed copy of Beheld: Godiva’s Story will take place Tuesday April 12 on the BCS Twitter feed @BCSmagazine. It will run from 2 PM EST until 5 PM EST.

To enter, all you need to do is tweet what your favorite BCS story that’s set in a historical Earth setting is. (Beheld is set in 11th-century England; what’s your favorite BCS story that’s set in a historical Earth setting?) However you choose to define that. By any author, in any issue of BCS. (Full Rules are here, at the end of this post.)

To get you started, here are some stories from past issues of BCS that are arguably set in historical Earth settings:

Mister Hadj’s Sunset Ride” by Saladin Ahmed, BCS #43 and podcast BCS 039

The Good Deaths, Part II” by Angela Ambroz, BCS #156 and podcast BCS 134

A Guest of the Cockroach Club” by M. Bennardo, BCS #160

The Penitent” by M. Bennardo, BCS #122 and podcast BCS 106


The Moon Over Red Trees” by Aliette de Bodard, BCS #157, Sixth Anniversary Double-Issue and podcast BCS 136

The Wind Shall Blow” by Gregory Norman Bossert, BCS #209, Eighth Anniversary Double-Issue and podcast BCS 183

And Blow Them at the Moon” by Marie Brennan, BCS #50 and podcast BCS 044

The Fall of the Mundaneum” by Rebecca Campbell, BCS #235, Ninth Anniversary Double-Issue and podcast BCS 204

Swallowing Silver” by Erin Cashier, BCS #172 – Special Weird Western Issue and podcast BCS 149


Fleurs du Mal” by J. Kathleen Cheney, BCS #56

Clockwork Heart, Clockwork Soul” by Kris Dikeman, BCS #16

Colombina” by Jelena Dunato, BCS #320 and podcast BCS 271

Nemesis and the Sorcerer” by R.K. Duncan, BCS #340, Thirteenth Anniversary Double-Issue

The City of Kindness” by Jonathan Edelstein, BCS #329


The Woods Echo Back” by Tania Fordwalker, BCS #331 and podcast BCS 279

Ink and Blood” by Marko Kloos, BCS #74 and podcast BCS 064

Liaisons Galantes: A Scientific Romance” by David D. Levine, BCS #108

Scapegoat” by Holly Messinger, BCS #293

John Simnel’s First Goshawk” by Tegan Moore, BCS #297 and podcast BCS 253


The Ghost of Shinoda Forest” by Richard Parks, BCS #63 and podcast BCS 055

No Sweeter Art” by Tony Pi, BCS #155 and podcast BCS 133

The Guadalupe Witch” by Josh Rountree, BCS #322 and podcast BCS 272

The Jeweled Nawab Jungle Retreat” by Priya Sridhar, BCS #214

We, As One, Trailing Embers” by E. Catherine Tobler, BCS #147 and podcast BCS 127


Playing for Amarante” by A.B. Treadwell, BCS #65

The Widow” by Emma Törzs, BCS #305 and podcast BCS 261

The Limitless Perspective of Master Peek, or, the Luminescence of Debauchery” by Catherynne M. Valente, BCS #200, Special Double-Issue and podcast BCS 178

The Burning Girl” by Carrie Vaughn, BCS #340, Thirteenth Anniversary Double-Issue

Sinseerly A Friend & Yr. Obed’t” by Thomas M. Waldroon, BCS #171

Good luck!

Full rules for the Christopher M. Cevasco Beheld Twitter giveaway:

You must tweet your comment on Twitter. Comments left anywhere else will not enter you in the giveaway.

You must include “@BCSmagazine” in your tweet. (This is so we can find it.)

Your tweet must mention the title of a work of short fiction that appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies magazine. Tweets that do not mention the title of a work of short fiction that appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies magazine will not enter you in the giveaway.

You must tweet your tweet between 2PM Eastern Standard Time and 5PM Eastern Standard Time on Tues. Apr. 12, 2022. Any tweets posted before or after that will not be eligible.

All entries will be entered in a random drawing to win the book.

Each person will be entered only once in the random drawing (even if you post more than one eligible tweet).

You must tweet your tweet from a valid Twitter account (otherwise we won’t be able to contact you if you win).

BCS will conduct the random drawing from all eligible entries. The winner will receive either a paper copy or digital ebook copy of Beheld, at the sole choice of BCS, depending on their location to receive physical mail.

BCS is not responsible for tweets that get lost or don’t show up under @BCSmagazine, or email addresses that get garbled or otherwise rendered unusable for contacting an entrant.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Twitter or anyone else. Participants are providing information to BCS and Firkin Press and not to Facebook or Twitter or anyone else.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in this post or via our Contact page. Good luck!

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