UPDATE, 06/09/22: We have taken steps to obviate gmail’s behavior that was causing this problem, and, as of Thursday June 9, BCS email replies sent to gmail.com addresses appear to be getting delivered OK. We will keep monitoring the situation.

As of afternoon on Monday June 6, gmail appears to be blocking BCS‘s reply emails sent to submittors who are using gmail.com email addresses.

This situation is being caused by gmail, not BCS. We are working to try to resolve it.

For the time being, in order for submittors to have the most reliable email communication, we recommend that submittors do not use a gmail.com email address when submitting stories to BCS.

Submittors who have a story currently under submission that was submitted using a gmail.com email address: we recommend checking your gmail spam frequently, because some gmail users have reported that emails sent to them by BCS did get through but were incorrectly flagged by gmail as spam.

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