Scott H. Andrews,
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

A replica late fifteenth-century dog-faced bascinet, and the Editor.

A replica late fifteenth-century dog-faced bascinet, and the Editor.

Scott H. Andrews is a chemistry lecturer, editor, musician, and writer. He was co-Fiction Editor of The William and Mary Review for two years. His literary short fiction won a $1000 prize from the Briar Cliff Review; his genre short fiction has appeared in venues such as Ann VanderMeer’s Weird Tales, Space and Time, and On Spec. He has been a guest instructor at the Odyssey Writing Workshop and will be again in summer 2018. He is a five-time finalist for the World Fantasy Award for his editing and publishing of Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

Scott lives in Virginia with his wife, two cats, nine guitars, a dozen overflowing bookcases, and hundreds of beer bottles from all over the world.

Kerstin Hall,
Editorial Assistant, 2016-

The Editorial Assistant, with no headgear.

Kerstin Hall does not have a cat. She grew up and lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Her fiction has been published by Short Story Day Africa and she has worked as an editor for sub-Q and Type/Cast magazines. She is also a Mandela Rhodes Scholar. At one stage, she had a pet tortoise that bit people.




Deirdre Quirk,
Editorial Assistant, 2017-

The Editorial Assistant, with appropriately swashbuckling headgear.

Deirdre Quirk received a BA in Theatre from Reed College. She loves telling and being told stories and currently works in marketing for a publishing company. She lives in Portland, OR, with her wife and dog.





Rachel Morris,
Editorial Assistant, 2019-

The Editorial Assistant.

Rachel Morris attended UC Berkeley for English, Media Studies, and Creative Writing and UNC Chapel Hill for Library Science. She is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop and a Pitch Wars mentee. When not reading fantasy, she can be found analyzing media (particularly gothic horror and video games) and writing far too many novels.




Kate Marshall,
Assistant Editor, 2010-2013

The Assistant Editor, sans bascinet.

The Assistant Editor Emeritus, sans bascinet.

Kate Marshall has no bascinet, but she does have the requisite cat. She is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop and her fiction has appeared in IGMS, Pseudopod, Nossa Morte, and Brain Harvest. She spends her days writing for a video game company in Seattle.



Nicole Lavigne,
Editorial Assistant, 2013-2017

The Editorial Assistant Emeritus, with appropriately genre-fiction headgear.

Nicole Lavigne has a BA in English and Theatre from the University of Ottawa. She still lives in Ottawa with her one cat but considers all of Canada her home after bouncing across the country as a military brat during her childhood. She is a professional storyteller as well as a writer and daylights as an administrative assistant for the government.





Christine Row,
Editorial Assistant, 2018-2019

The Editorial Assistant, sans headgear.

Christine Row prefers not to take the direct path anywhere. She discovered her passion for writing after pursuing degrees in engineering and medicine and is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop. She lives in New Hampshire, where she regularly reassures her family in the Midwest that she’s not buried in snow.