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Myke Amend is an illustrator and painter of things that often fall under the categories of “strange fiction”, “horror”, “gothic”, “speculative fiction”, “steampunk”, “pulp”, or “science fiction.”  He likes to mix the dark with the light-hearted, the serene with the chaotic, making pieces that can invoke a number of different and opposing thoughts and feelings, depending on the viewer or their mood for the moment.

His media of choice tends to be acrylics, but he also does woodcarving, carpentry, metalwork, sculpture in metal and in clay, and pretty much everything that involves some physical connection with the work in progress.  He has been featured and/or interviewed in Kilter Magazine, Dark Roasted Blend, IO9, Fantasy Art, Brass Goggles, Elfwood, Superpunch, and many other web magazines and blogs. See more of his work at