Audio Fiction from 2013
BCS 116: Walking Still

The Shiner Man’s covered wagon walked across the desert on six metal legs.

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BCS 115: The Adventure of the Pyramid of Bacconyus

The three cousins walked through a tunnel low enough that their head leaves brushed and bent on the ceiling.

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BCS 114: A Feast for Dust

Jenkins tipped his hat to her prediction, sending up a brief sketch of a prayer himself—perhaps useful, perhaps not, depending on who might be listening—that the next few days wouldn't disprove it.

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BCS 113: Walls of Skin, Soft as Paper

Tomai took his wife’s fragile hand in his own. He felt like if he held it even as if it were a child’s, the bones would snap like pine dowels.

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BCS 112: The Black Veil

As Constant Sterry slipped exhausted from his saddle, the last he saw was that same figure approaching, outstretched hands sheathed in thin black gloves with lacework as fine as any to be found.

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BCS 111: The Goblin King’s Concubine

"Then leave this place forever!" Maugreth cried. "Forget this goblin in his caves. Leave the monsters to their own."

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BCS 110: Ill-Met at Midnight

The target was thrashing hard enough that the smooth handles of the garrote were biting into Otranto's palms.

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BCS 109: The Study of Monstrosities

Ethan looked at the sepia photograph again. A man? No, it was anything but.

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BCS 108: Last Rites for a Vagabond

The trick’s to stay away so long no one remembers the hurt from how you left.

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