Audio Fiction from 2020
BCS 260: The Honey of the World and the Queen of Crows

The clock is huge, its heavy frame carved with crow feathers and bees, and I dare not look at it too long for fear the hands will start moving again.

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BCS 259: Fox Red, Life Red, Teeth Like Snow

No troll’s life is so shaped by her body.

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BCS 258: Who Goes Against a Waste of Waters

We are the only ones left to herd the ghost-sheep.

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BCS 257: Her Cage of Root and Bone

We do not discuss, Nell and I.

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BCS 256: Uzumaki of the Lake

I knew from long experience that yūrei could take on shapes not their own in the course of settling unfinished earthly business.

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BCS 255: The Sniper and I

One nerve cable was still in place, snaking from the gun into their skull.

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BCS 254: The Mermaid Astronaut

This particular mermaid had named herself Essarala, which means seeks the stars in the language of tide and foam.

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BCS 253: John Simnel’s First Goshawk

Though in the muffled dark of my room I wonder if I might instead go mad.

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BCS 252: Forgive Me, My Love, for the Ice and the Sea

I made my way to Issheth, my boots crunching on the deck frost. Her eyes shone wet in the sunlight. Maybe it was the glare. Maybe it was not.

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