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Before last Rain Day, he had thought any dreams of Manyara to be folly. He wasn't the tallest or the strongest among the near-men, and it was just him and his father since his mother's family had abandoned them after her death. What did he have to offer? A one-room hut, one crumbling fish-drying shed, a mere handful of frayed catch-baskets, and only one Fisher to fill them.

Read “Luck Fish” by Peta Freestone, in Issue #105, Fourth Anniversary Double-Issue

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Peta Freestone is a graduate of the Clarion Writers’ Workshop (San Diego, 2011) and edits Scape (scapezine.com), the magazine of YA speculative fiction. She can crack a whip with more snap than Indiana Jones, has had a memento mori moment with an unearthed skull in the jungle, and will submit her PhD in 2013. Other than "Luck Fish," her work has appeared in the Penguin Books anthology Things a Map Won’t Show You. She can be hunted down on Twitter via the cryptic handle: @PetaFreestone.

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