A special Weird Western podcast.

John Halpern knew it should be a heavy weight on his conscience, to wake up and know that he was going to kill a thing that used to be a man. Whether it was or wasn't was a topic of much internal contemplation for him as he walked up the long path to his brother-in-law's house to ask for help. The fact that his brother-in-law was himself a devil-man did not escape him.

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Read “Swallowing Silver” by Erin Cashier, in Issue #172 - Special Weird Western Issue

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Erin Cashier is a registered nurse in the Bay Area. She's been published by Shimmer, Abyss & Apex, Writers of the Future, Escape Pod, Podcastle, Neil Clarke's Upgraded anthology, and numerous times in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, including "The Alchemist's Feather" in BCS #25 and the Best of BCS, Year One anthology.

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