Narrated by Dan Rabarts.

Moogh decided, with regret, that he would have to temporarily abandon his trek due west and instead walk alongside this water for a bit until either he outlasted or outpaced whatever curse made it seem to go on forever. He declared its true name to be the Tricksy River, and decided if he ever found the trickster responsible for it he might justifiably commit some minor violence upon their person.

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Read “Moogh and the Great Trench Kraken” by Suzanne Palmer, in Issue #181

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Suzanne Palmer is a senior Linux system administrator who lives and works in the beautiful hills of western Massachusetts, where she has too few writer and gamer friends but plenty of moose and bugs. She is a graduate and former staff member of the Viable Paradise writers workshop and was a finalist for the 2015 Sturgeon Memorial award.

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