Narrated by Sandra Espinoza.

The preacher burns too bright to look at, bright as summer sun spearing the tin-framed mirror in Tía’s parlor, and Carmen cowers before his gaze, as she does before all mirrors, feeling the shadows shrink around her, every supplicant incited. And though she came here seduced by the same promises, Carmen panics, resists the tide, fights not to join the spittle-flecked front of the crowd. Too like teetering on a cliff’s edge, too great the specter of wish fulfilled or failed.

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A queer Tejana raised on the Texas-Mexico border, Lisa M. Bradley now lives in Iowa with her spouse and their teenager. Her fiction and poetry exploring boundaries and liminal spaces have appeared in Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation, Uncanny, Strange Horizons, and Fireside Magazine. Her first collection is The Haunted Girl (Aqueduct Press). In her debut novel, Exile, an obsessed young woman schemes to escape her hometown, which has been quarantined for twenty years because of a toxic spill (Rosarium Publishing, June 2019). Find Lisa on Twitter @cafenowhere or visit her website for more info: .

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