Narrated by Rajan Khanna.

While we waited for the hourglass, the blacksmith dug a line in the snow with the heel of his boot. This would be the starting point. Until the final grain of sand fell to the bottom, the prince could not cross it. Some of the older boys had once told me that the sand inside was the long dead ashes of Dracula himself, but I don’t know if I truly believe them.

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Cooper Anderson was born in the backwoods of North Carolina, where he fell in love with all things strange and fantastic. He has since earned his Master's Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, where he lives with his wife Amanda and a part-time cat named Patches who shows up when she feels like it. You can find other examples of his work in Tales To Terrify and From Glasgow to Saturn, and most recently he won the Pamlico Writer's Haunt Season Writing Competition. You can follow him on Twitter @cooperthewriter.

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