Narrated by Michael J. DeLuca.

The godmaker smiled pleasantly and made his way home quickly as he could. He shut the doors of his shop and lay in his bed, telling himself again and again about the power of coincidence. Belief did strange things to the mind, made patterns appear where there were none, made three incidents seem a certainty. He was a craftsman, nothing more. He sold icons and idols, nothing more. “I cannot make gods,” he said, though there was nobody to hear him.

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J.A. Prentice was born in the United Kingdom, grew up in the Bay Area, and currently lives in the Pacific Northwest. His short fiction has been published in This World Belongs to Us, Wyngraf, and Metaphorosis, amongst others. He also wrote the audio drama episode "The Undying Truth" for Big Finish Productions. He writes and blogs at and tweets as @LivingAuthors.

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