Narrated by M.K. Hobson.

But what plagues me now, the questions I ask myself as I stare down at her little violets, as I sense out the elements in the earth beneath their roots until I can feel the cold charred edges of her bones and assure myself that that is all that remains of her—those questions are these: is it different, to withhold life than to end it? What moral obligations does my power come with? And, more selfishly: if I don’t bring her back, how long until her followers turn on me?

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Read “Imagine a Thief with Golden Fire in Their Voice” by Riley Neither, in Issue #363

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Riley Neither is a linguist and writer currently trekking through an awkward transitional phase in zer life. When ze can find the time between writing fiction and sticking wires to people's tongues for science, ze likes to make art, ride bikes, and teach zimself web development. You can find zim online at!

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