It wasn't just the minotaur's life in Boreas's hands. If Eurytus won the wager, the two human rebels would die center stage at the Circus, under torture, giving up everything they knew. Eurytus would rob them of dignity, hope, faith. If they had any left.

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Read “Of Thinking Being and Beast” by Michael J. DeLuca, in Issue #9

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Michael J. DeLuca lives in the rapidly suburbifying post-industrial woodlands north of Detroit with his wife, kid, cats, worms, and microbes. He is the editor of Reckoning, a new journal of creative writing on environmental justice. His fiction has appeared most recently in Three-Lobed Burning Eye, Strangelet, and Middle Planet, and at BCS, where he also reads the occasional podcast. Try him at @michaeljdeluca.

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