But experience had taught me that dissertations on magical systems are incredibly dull for all save the oblivious nincompoop who actually believes anyone wants to listen. No, when people ask you what you 'do', all they really want is a snappy line or two they can repeat over dinner later. Well, to hell with that.

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T D Edge won the Cadbury's Short Story Competition at age ten and had several poems published by Heinemann at age sixteen.  In the same year, he became the youngest-ever English Table Soccer Champion. After a long wait, during which he had to buy his own chocolate, he had several children's/YA books published in the UK. He has eight SF/F short stories coming out in 2009, and he contributes voice articles on writing to the SF podcast Starship Sofa. He still plays table soccer but with self-delusion rapidly replacing actual ability. Visit him online at www.td-edge.com.

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