Blindness taught me to use my other senses and trust in portents, balancing the evidence of sound, touch, smell and taste against the ambiguous suggestions I sometimes received in dreams or in waking. The Sisters praised God for granting me self-sufficiency even as they forbade me to speak of my ‘visions’ to strangers. Needless to say, when the king’s sister arrived in person on a warm morning in the early summer of my twelfth year, demanding to see their blind charge and claiming we had met in a dream, the Sisters were mightily confused.

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Emily M. Z. Carlyle currently lives in Germany. She is a professional historian, an avid reader, and an undercover writer. Her fiction has appeared in Doorknobs & BodyPaint, Fantastic Flash Fiction: An Anthology, Coyote Wild, Storyglossia, Mytholog, Ghoti Magazine, Reflection’s Edge, Thirteen, and the anthology Dead Men (and Women) Walking.

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