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James L. Sutter’s short stories have appeared in such venues as Catastrophia (PS Publishing), Apex Magazine, Black Gate, and the anthology Machine of Death.  He is the author of the novel Death’s Heretic and the editor of the anthology Before They Were Giants: First Works From Science Fiction Greats. He works as Paizo’s Fiction Editor as well as one of the RPG developers. Aside from writing, he has toured modestly with several bands and musical projects, including the now-defunct hardcore metal band Shadow at Morning. For a complete list of his musical, literary, or gaming projects, please visit his website at

Stories by James L. Sutter:
  • “Beheaded by Peasants”Issue #114, February 7, 2013
  • "(character's) dilemma and final solution bring fatalism and free will to a climactic clash that is certain to provoke an unforgettable reaction of the heart and mind" —Tangent Online