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BCS at Boskone in Boston this Weekend
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BoskoneThis weekend BCS will be at Boskone, one of the long-running Boston-area F/SF conventions.

I will be on several panels:

Alternate Voices (Sat 1PM): Stories told through documents, letters, and reports. (Such as the BCS stories “The Calendar of Saints” by Kat Howard, “The Governess and the Lobster” by Margaret Ronald, and “On the Origin of Song” by Naim Kabir.)

Great Podcasts and Where to Find Them (Sat 3pm): Panelists discuss some of their favorite podcasts, sites, and stories. (One of my favs being BCS 100: Boat in Shadows, Crossing” by Tori Truslow.)

From Pixels to Print: The Challenges of Running a Magazine (Sat 4PM): Funding, staffing, and managing your organization, and then printing (or enpixeling), distributing, and publicizing your precious products.

I will have the omnipresent stack of shiny gorgeous BCS flyers and postcards. If you see me in the halls, after a panel, or at the bar, feel free to say hello!

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BCS at Capclave this Weekend
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CapclaveBCS will be at Capclave, the annual D.C.-area F/SF con (where reading is not extinct!), this weekend.

I’m on four panels, all dealing with online magazines (or their podcasts) or secondary-world fantasy:

  • Friday 7:00 pm: New Media, New (Magazine) Markets, New Business Models: A Review of notable genre ezines
  • Saturday 2:00 pm: World’s Shortest Epics (Epic fantasy in short fiction)
  • Saturday 3:00 pm: Hearing Voices? (A survey of podcasts)
  • Saturday 5:00 pm: The Evolution of Fantasy (Trends and tastes)

I also have a reading Friday at 8:00 pm, where I may read something forthcoming in BCS.  Drop by and find out!

I will also have plenty of BCS flyers and anthology-cover postcards, including the cover of the new Best of BCS Year Four anthology.  Feel free to say hello!

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BCS and WorldCon
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BCS had a great time at WorldCon last weekend!

Scott saw many BCS authors, including Saladin Ahmed, Cat Rambo, Beth Cato, Ann Leckie, Christie Yant, Rachel Swirsky, Derek Künsken, and Chris Willrich.

He also met Pyr Books editor and BCS fan Lou Anders, hung out with fellow magazine editors John Klima of Electric Velocipede, John Joseph Adams of Lightspeed, Michael Damien Thomas of Apex, and Neil Clarke of Clarkesworld, and saw or met many other young writers, including Brian McClellan, Fran Wilde, Carrie Patel, Jake Kerr, Rhiannon Held, Django Wexler, Myke Cole, and Brandon Sanderson.

BCS did not win the Hugo for Best Semiprozine (congratulations to Clarkesworld!), but it was a high honor to be nominated and especially to be part of a nominee field that was for the first time ever all fiction magazines and first time ever all online magazines.

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BCS at WorldCon this Weekend
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BCS will be at WorldCon this weekend, in San Antonio, Texas!

Scott isn’t on any panels, although he highly recommends the State of Sword & Sorcery: New Trends panel on Friday at 4PM that features BCS authors and novelists Saladin Ahmed and Chris Willrich and Pyr Books editor/BCS fan Lou Anders.

But Scott will be about, including at the Hugo Awards banquet, where BCS has the honor of being a nominee for Best Semiprozine. (The ceremony apparently will be streamed live at, if you want to see him in a suit and tie.)

He will have a stack of BCS flyers and some brand new postcards of the forthcoming Best of BCS Year Four anthology. If you see him wandering the cavernous convention center or the party floor of the hotel, feel free to say hello.

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BCS from ReaderCon 2013
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BCS had a delightful and engaging time at ReaderCon last weekend.

The BCS reading was solidly attended. BCS authors Gemma Files (“Two Captains” in BCS #125) read from a forthcoming Weird West piece “A Feast for Dust,” and Alex Dally MacFarlane (“Fox Bones. Many Uses.” in BCS #99) read from “Singing Like a Hundred Dug-up Bones” in BCS #121.

I read from forthcoming stories by E. Catherine Tobler (“Lady Marmalade” in BCS #98), which will be out in BCS #126 next week, and by Benjanun Sriduangkaew (“The Crows Her Dragon’s Gate” in BCS #118).

I saw many BCS authors, including Margaret Ronald (“A Family for Drakes” in BCS #116, seven others, and a forthcoming new piece), Matthew Kressel (“The Suffering Gallery” in BCS #57 and a forthcoming new story), Anne Cross (“The Popinjay’s Daughter” in BCS #55), Rajan Khanna (“The Last Gorgon” in BCS #87), and Mike Allen (“The Ivy-Smothered Palisade” in BCS #93).

Also Nicole M. Taylor (“Hold a Candle to The Devil” in BCS #106, and one other), Marko Kloos (“Ink and Blood” in BCS #74), Michael J. DeLuca (“The Nine-Tailed Cat” in BCS #70, and several others), and Genevieve Valentine (“The Finest Spectacle Anywhere” in BCS #68, and one other).

And I met one for the first time: Rose Lemberg (“Held Close in Syllables of Light” in BCS #80).

I mentioned BCS and our literary approach to secondary-world fantasy on the panel I was on, The Relationship of Reality and Fantasy, about fantasy portraying diverse social facets from real historical societies and readers’ reactions to them. I passed out flyers featuring cover art by Jonas de Ro and Raphael Lacoste and postcards for Best of BCS Year Three.

I received many compliments of BCS from authors, editors, and readers. Thank you all very much! We had a great time at the con and will plan to return next year.

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BCS at ReaderCon This Weekend
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BCS will be at ReaderCon, in north Boston, again for 2013!

Saturday at 11:30 AM, there is a solo Reading from the magazine, where I will read from some BCS stories. Audience’s choice! Including older stories, current ones, and even forthcoming ones from Issue #125 or our Fifth Anniversary Double-Issue this Oct.; even maybe stories from the not-yet-announced Best of BCS Year Four.

Perhaps some of the BCS authors who are at the con will drop by, and you might get to hear them read a bit themselves.

Saturday at 2 PM, I am on the panel The Relationship of Reality and Fantasy. It’s about fantasy secondary worlds borrowing elements from real history, in particular the social consciousness facet of societies, and readers’ interpretations of them; for example the irony of fans who accept magic and dragons but balk at the idea of female pirates or a black Lancelot because they’re “unrealistic.” It asks, whose reality does fantasy need to reflect in order to be believable?

I’ll have flyers featuring cover art by Jonas de Ro and Raphael Lacoste and postcards for Best of BCS Year Three. Feel free to drop by the Saturday reading or panel, or to stop me in the halls!

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BCS At Balticon This Sunday
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BCS will be at Balticon this Sunday for the day, including appearing on several panels:

From Slush to Sale (Sun, 1:00 PM)

This panel will be a reprise of the ‘From Slush to Sale’ roundtable that I was on in February hosted by the Baltimore SF Society.

We’ll be discussing various aspects of the submission, acceptance, and editing process, including the ever-popular ‘what do editors want’ and its converse, ‘what do editors see all to often’. :)

Jake Bible We Hardly Knew Ye: The Current State of Podcast Fiction (Sun, 2:00 PM)

This panel features a number of prominent podcasters. I will be representing the trends in ‘hybrid’ online magazines–those that publish in text / ebooks and in audio podcasts.

Editors’ Q&A Session (Sun, 4:00 PM)

This panel includes several editors of theme anthologies and will answer audience questions about submissions, acceptances, and the publishing process, for anthologies and magazines.

I will also have the requisite stack of shiny BCS flyers and postcards. Feel free to say hello!

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“From Slush to Sale” Roundtable Feb. 23
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The Baltimore Science Fiction Society is hosting a roundtable panel later this month called “From Slush to Sale: Behind the Scenes at Science Fiction Magazines.”

The panelists are all both short fiction editors and writers. They include Rahul Kanakia (fiction in Clarkesworld; former First Reader for Strange Horizons), Leslie Connor (Asst. Editor for Apex Magazine), Damien Walters Grintalis (fiction in BCS; Assoc. Editor for Electric Velocipede),  and our own Scott H. Andrews (fiction in Weird Tales and On Spec; Editor-in-Chief and publisher of BCS).

The panel is February 23rd at 8PM at the Baltimore Science Fiction Society, 3310 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21224.

With all the panelists’ short fiction writing and reading experience, especially slush reading, there are sure to be some great nuggets of experience and wisdom. If you’re anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic area, you should consider attending.

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BCS at Immortal ConFusion
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We had a great time at Immortal ConFusion in Detroit last weekend.  Scott saw BCS authors Saladin Ahmed, Michael J. DeLuca, Justin Howe, and Brad Beaulieu; met BCS author Kat Howard and Michael and Janet from Apex; and saw many other authors and editors, including John Klima of Electric Velocipede and Howard Andrew Jones, formerly of Black Gate.

The ConFusion organizers did a great job again this year. Scott’s panels, on Ebooks and Societies in Epic Fantasy, went great, and the con suite had a keg of Bell’s Best Brown Ale. :)  We’ll definitely be back next year!


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