You can contact us at Beneath Ceaseless Skies using this email form.

NOTE: this contact form is NOT for submissions to the magazine. To submit your short story for consideration for publication, read and follow the submission procedure in our Submissions guidelines.

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Submissions Queries

If you want to inquire about a past submission you have not yet received a reply for, please check two things before you query us:

First, make sure that when you sent your submission, you did receive our auto-reply email saying we got it. Check your spam filters. If you did not receive the auto-reply, that means our email box never got your submission.

Second, check the Slush Updates posts on our News page and make sure we have replied to all submissions sent on or before the date you sent yours.

If you did receive the auto-reply when you sent your submission, and we have posted that we’ve replied to all submissions sent by the date you sent yours, please do query. It’s not necessary to wait.

In your query, tell us the title of your submission, the date you emailed it, and the email address you sent it from. We will reply as soon as we can.

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Comments / Letters to the Editor:

We welcome all comments on everything at Beneath Ceaseless Skies. We may not have time to reply to all comments, but we do read them. You may also comment by commenting on posts on our News page.

We reserve the right to use your comments or message in a future posting on our News page, where your message would be publicly displayed along with our answer. If you would prefer that we not use your comment publicly, please tell us that in your message.

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If you’re an artist and you would like us to consider your artwork the next time we are looking to buy artwork, select “Artist” from the Subject drop-down menu and include in your message a link to your online gallery.

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Please feel free to contact us about anything else regarding our magazine or our website.

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