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Three Little Foxes

I snapped the flute in half across my knee. Junko’s scream drowned out the faint whistle and much louder crack of the flute coming apart. He dove toward me, nearly incoherent in rage. Kenji managed to trip him as he hurtled past, and Junko went sprawling, though he quickly scrambled back to his feet. “I’ll kill—”

I don’t think any human being can read the emotions of a fox spirit with complete confidence, but I was almost sure that the creature was confused.
Cursed Motives

"An Imperial Princess uses her curses sparingly," said Tib, but the narrow-eyed look she gave Safy was more skeptical than remonstrative. Safy knew that Tib doubted her affection for the arrogant Phenole very much--even more so since she had just met him--and could not see how such a curse would help Safy or anyone she did care about. Safy smiled. Let her wonder.

Safy laughed despite herself. "Unnatural? Of course I am."
Luck Fish

(This story has been removed from the archives at the author’s request.)

He slices through the thong on the cover of the fish basket. Hundreds of sunken eyes stare accusingly up at him.

Something deep within her stilled and she thought she would fall, because the world was tilting. But there was solid stone beneath her, and she set one foot upon it, then another, and then she was running back to the palace, heedless of everything but reaching her rooms. There were doors in her way; she flung them aside and halted only to snatch up the crown.

In that warmth, she came to remember, slowly, that here was the last place she had spoken.
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It should be spring, the crows' dead eyes protest. It should be spring.
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The Land of Empty Shells
Dziko shaped their son, and Terra shaped their daughter.