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Liaisons Galantes: A Scientific Romance

Zéphine followed Mme. Dumouchel into the living room, Madame’s galanterie for her husband padding contentedly along beside them. It was a docile little thing, with a cute pug nose and large soulful eyes, and Zéphine could not fail to notice with a pang of envy how similar it was to its counterpart, M. Dumouchel’s galanterie for his wife, which dozed placidly at Monsieur's feet.

Galanteries did invariably appear whenever one truly loved another... even, as Zéphine well knew, if that love was unwanted and inconvenient.
Seeking The Great Raymundo

He’d signed his note “The Fabulous Frederick.”  He hadn’t called himself that in years.  I smiled and stroked the soft leather of the journal's cover. In it he explained his familiar tricks with complicated diagrams that made things that I’d always just felt were right become suddenly understandable. Freddy really had been fabulous once.  I wondered what happened.  Why had I never bothered to ask?

“Why in the world do you want to be a magician, if that’s the life they lead?” he asked me after one particularly bloodcurdling story about an angry mother.
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By the time they snap her fifth finger, she doesn't have the strength to struggle anymore.
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Pawn’s Gambit
The more he asked, the more chary I got that he’d figure out what I was doing--that one of his marks was my little girl.