‘His Crowning Glory’: a new tale of the Antique Lands

Jon went back tomorrow and the next day, to find that she had no news. On the third day, Iánheh was not at the Bab-ál-Lámeh at all. And so he worried. As did Pendergast, whose private fretting about 'His crowning glory' became more intense, at least in Jon's presence. "Here I am working to possibly no end, and you—you sniff around the place like a street dog!" he snapped when Jon came 'round on the third day and would not leave the office. "Don't you have some child to tutor, some view to photograph, somewhere else to be—something to look for?"

Jon sat down in the doorway to watch the man go about whatever odd business his God had appointed to him.
The Giants of Galtares

Sardamira courteously relented, secretly resentful. The servants brought a beautiful chess board with pieces made of bone and dark wood. Pinela knew the rules but no strategy. She made basic mistakes against the giant and suddenly excused herself and left halfway through. The giant seemed disappointed. Sardamira gathered up her courage and her desire to out-do Pinela. "If it pleases you, I shall take over her game."

Sardamira tugged her reins from Pinela's hands. "I'm staying. Whatever happens, I want to see what I came for."
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Seeking The Great Raymundo

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“Why in the world do you want to be a magician, if that’s the life they lead?” he asked me after one particularly bloodcurdling story about an angry mother.
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More Full of Weeping Than You Can Understand
As with Papa, she knew Thomas was gone and felt no regret, for she had changed equally.