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The Study of Monstrosities

Seven subjects, Ethan thought. One of them a child. All of them physically torn into two distinct beings: a functional husk, and an abomination. He had read the doctor's journal. The subjects had come from different families, different boroughs, different backgrounds. None of them had known any of the others. All of them Raah?

Ethan looked at the sepia photograph again. A man? No, it was anything but.
The Crooked Mile

Rosco guessed he’d have to handle the situation, what with the sheriff being away down the Mile and all. He stepped out into the main road that ran down the middle of Gutshank, population one-hundred-fifty-three, and rested a hand on the pearly handle of his revolver. Tried to look mean, like his Pappy would’ve done.

“Yup,” he growled around a mouthful of tobacco, “I got me some wizard trouble.”
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Last Rites for a Vagabond

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The trick’s to stay away so long no one remembers the hurt from how you left.
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The Gardens of Landler Abbey
I was as guilty as if I had wielded the brands and scalpels with my own hands.