On the Weaponization of Flora and Fauna

I thought for a moment that Plinio was merely adding emphasis to his avowal of pristine territory, but then I, too, noticed that the lakeshore opposite the birds was shifting.  The flock organized itself quickly and took flight.  I frowned.  "Lygia, our instruments.  With last night's commotion and the lake's peculiar behavior, I fear we have gone off course somehow."

I was about to ask Lygia what manner of creature could wreak such havoc but Plinio interrupted me, to instruct us to gather the beast's feathers.
The Goblin King’s Concubine

Maugreth was roused by the concubine in the darkness before dawn. He threw off the chitinous coverlet of mushroom velvet and sat up. He was still half-asleep. The sound of a distant horn rolled through the forest, echoed by another note from nearer at hand. "Eh? What is it? What?" he grunted, groping for his sword.

"Then leave this place forever!" Maugreth cried. "Forget this goblin in his caves. Leave the monsters to their own."
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Ill-Met at Midnight

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The target was thrashing hard enough that the smooth handles of the garrote were biting into Otranto's palms.
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The Moral Education of a Mad Bastard
I nodded--whatever they had in mind would be better than being forced to return to the labor camp.