A Death for the Ageless

We all looked up at the high, piping voice; none of us had heard the ladder rattle. Mieni hopped over the edge of the roof, adjusting the lines of her suit. Many koboldim wore children's clothes, but Mieni had made a point of wearing a ladies' suit tailored to her diminutive frame. "Kobold, not goblin. I do insist on the distinction."

But koboldim were under the Ageless' protection, so they were grudgingly accepted by most.
Forsaken Beneath the Stars

The sack swung in his hand as he walked away. “I would take her with me to the guts of the earth. I sought death in the battlefield, and saw it in all but my fate. I was spared a warrior’s clean end. Now, the campaigns are ashes and lies. If you cannot help me find peace for Baysha, I will find someone to end me.”

The sack with the golden innards sat in his palm.
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The Adventure of the Pyramid of Bacconyus

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The three cousins walked through a tunnel low enough that their head leaves brushed and bent on the ceiling.
From the Archives:
Shatterach Gates
It roars, shuddering the stone, and I imagine three thousand corpse voices in shrieking harmony.